Situated in a leafy setting, in front of the chain of Pyrenees, the Holy Germaine school welcomes the children of the nursery school in the CM2 in day school and in half board. The Holy Germaine school is an establishment under guardianship Dominican and under contract of association with the State.

The mission of the teaching staff is not only to assure the learnings asked by the Department of Education but also to distribute them by respecting the difference of each.
This difference, source of wealth, brings us to work and to make the pupils live in a climate where certain values drawn from the Gospel dominate: tolerance, listening, mutual aid, obedience and respect.

That the children who are confided to us grow in this spirit and know the enjoyments of the success!

Practical informations:


  • TPS/PS/MS : Miss ENCAUSSE Marie-Luce et Miss ANDRIEUX Luce
  • MS an GS : Miss GIMENEZ Maud.
  • CP/CE1 : Miss CUBERES Géraldine.
  • CE1/CE2 : Miss BRION Sophie.
  • CM1/CM2 : Miss BELTZUNG Anne.

Miss ALLAIN Marie, teacher ASH, is among us two days a week to help certain pupils following their needs. 


SCHEDULES OF CLASS:  9 am - 12 am // 1:50 pm - 5:05 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Supplementary Educational Activities, 5 pm to 5:35 pm, every monday and Tuesday.




The Holy Germaine school registers the children from 2 years, of the class of any small section in the CM 2. We propose you services: day-care center in the morning and evening, study and restoration(catering) (half board or ticket).

The head teacher will receive you for the registration(inscription) of your child by appointment.

From now on you can make an appointment in 05-61-88-90-19 or join(contact) us by e-mail to the following address: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

Schedules of the switchboard:

On Monday Tuesday Thursday of 1:35 pm - 1:55 pm Friday, 9 am -12 am and 1:30 pm - 4:45 pm

On this site you can find price lists(rates) 2015.


1800 : In Toulouse foundation of the Congregation of the sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus. Congregation affiliated to the Dominican order in 1885.

With the legacy of the Baron de Lassus, the municipality of Montréjeau asks to the sisters of Toulouse to establish in the city a community of hospitable sisters capable of assuring at the same time, the Education and the Instruction of the children.

1842 : Laying of first stone of the convent.

1850 : Pupils of neighborhood but also Spain and America arrive where from the creation of the first boarding school and the free elementary school.

1912 : Closure of the boarding school but the continuation of the hospitable work and the school.

1938 : Creation of an agricultural domestic center.

1941 : Official statement of opening of the Holy School Germaine, steered by sister Catherine de Sienne Carreau, situated boulevard of Lassus, then to the convent " Institution Sainte Germaine ".

1956 : Construction of 3 classes intended to welcome in secondary school of the pupils of the "Seminary". They are the current classes of CP and CE, as well as the office of the head teacher and the computer room.

Opening of 4 classes of school and a boarding school.

1979 : Signature of a contract of association with the State.

1980 : Construction of the nursery classes and the class of CM1 / CM2.

1996 : Closure of the school and the boarding school. Opening of the reception center " Espace Accueil Sainte Germaine ".

2008 : Opening of the fifth class for a level of nursery school.

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